Leonard Morgenbesser Educational Scholarship

     Dr. Leonard Morgenbesser worked for more than three decades as a researcher for the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.  Until his untimely death in March 2013, Leonard Morgenbesser was a strong anti-gun violence advocate who painstakingly cataloged the in the city's streets, and steadfastly challenged citizens and law makers alike to help make Albany a safer city.

     Leonard Morgenbesser also served the New York Corrections and Youth Services Association for over 20 years as a member of the Executive Board and as a co-chairperson of the Higher Education Committee.  Leonard was committed to ensuring that the training provided to all law enforcement and correctional staff was relevant and meaningful.  He worked diligently in support of his beliefs that training opportunities should be plentiful and accredited.  His hard work and dedication helped to keep CAYSA in the forefront of this endeavor.

It is with great pride that NYCAYSA offers this educational scholarship to honor the memory of Leonard Morgenbesser.


Award Details

     The Leonard Morgenbesser Education Scholarship is an annually awarded $500 scholarship. deadline is 9-15-19


Eligible Applicants

-  Must be a resident of New York State

-  Must be currently working or studying in a field related to law      enforcement, community supervision, juvenile justice, or correctional services.

-  Must use the scholarship toward an educational opportunity such as continued formal eductation, or attendance at a professionally relevant conference or training seminar.


Primary Award Criteria

-  Applicants will have demonstrated a sincere interest in the field.

-  Applicants will be involved in community and other extra curricular involvement.

-  Financial need and academic achievement may be considered.