The first student chapter of the American Correctional Association came into existence on the campus of the University of Central Missouri in 1995. All students interested in a career in corrections were eligible to join this organization. 

New York State’s Corrections and Youth Services Association is working with accredited academic institutions to develop student chapters in New York State. Membership in student ACA chapters would also carry membership in the NYS Corrections and Youth Services Association (CAYSA). Student chapters of ACA would meet regularly on-campus and members would be able to attend regional and state-wide meetings/trainings of the New York State Corrections and Youth Services Association, as well as ACA trainings and conferences.

NY Caysa currently sponsors 3 ACA Student Chapters. CV-Tech in Plattsburgh, Albany State University and Columbia-Greene Community College. Student Chapters give the students opportunity to network with individuals who are working in the criminal justice field on the local, state and national levels.

Although corrections oriented, ACA addresses much broader issues of interest to law enforcement, social work, domestic violence and other issues related to crime and criminal justice. It is CAYSA’s goal to have students who may be interested in a career in criminal justice join their local student chapter of ACA.

NYCAYSA is presently seeking a Coordinator for the Student Chapters. If interested, please contact Lisa Brennan. 

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