caysa annual awards

The Association is proud to honor our fellow correction professionals through our awards program.  They reflect several areas of achievement and others that merit special recognition.  A description of each award is listed below.

Rutherford B. Hayes Award

During the first organizational meeting of the American Prison Association (now ACA), the assembly elected then-Ohio Governor and future U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes as the first president of the association.  The original headquarters was located in New York City and in memory of our first President, CAYSA is proud to offer this founder’s award annually to any member of  the organization for leadership and/or support in the development of our professional membership organization.

The President’s Award

This award started in 1988 and is presented annually by the President of CAYSA to any member(s) who has distinguished themselves by outstanding achievement to CAYSA.

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award is given whenever appropriate to any individual who has distinguished themselves by exceptional conduct, service or heroism while in the field of adult or juvenile corrections.

Outstanding Contribution Award

The Outstanding Contribution Award will be given whenever appropriate to recognize individuals, organizations or corporations which have provided exceptional or consistent support to the field of corrections, generally to New York Corrections and Youth Services Association specifically.

NOTE:  Nominees for any award should be submitted to the President of CAYSA.  The officers and/or selection committee from the Executive Board will determine if the candidate qualifies for any award except the President’s Award.  The President’s Award is given on the sole authority of the President.  Whenever possible CAYSA awards will be presented at the annual training symposium.

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